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Evan E.J. Haglund

Chief of Police


Emergency 911

Gun Laws

Class A License

Authorizes the possession and carrying of large capacity firearms, rifles, shotguns, and feeding devices. (A weapon is large capacity if it is a semiautomatic and has or is able to accept a feeding device of more than 10 rounds of ammunition or more than 5 shotgun shells or is an assault weapon.) A class A license is required in order to carry any loaded firearm in a concealed manner in a public way or place.

Class B License

Authorizes the possession and carrying of a non-large capacity firearm as well as large and non-large capacity rifle and shotgun. Class A & B licenses have a 4-year term.

Firearms Identification Cards (FID)

Authorizes the possession and carrying of non-large capacity rifles and shotguns. An FID card may, at the request of the applicant, be limited to the possession of mace or pepper sprays. Where as FID cards had previously been issued for life they also have a 4-year term. No person under the age of 15 may be issued a FID card. No person who is 15 but less than 18 may obtain a FID card without parental permission.


Essex Regional 911 Alerts Information Links

As of January 1st, 2018, the Town of Topsfield will switch systems for emergency alerting to Essex Regional 911 Alerts. Essex Regional 911 Alerts is a state-of-the-art infrastructure, administered by Essex Regional 911, in partnership with SwiftReach Networks utilizing their Swift911 platform. Topsfield residents, employees, and affiliates continue to have the same capabilities for emergency notifications by telephone and now have expanded access to alerts by other means including phone calls and social media. Topsfield residents, employees, and affiliates are able to also subscribe to other communities that have signed onto the platform. Residents will be able to setup their own accounts and manage their messaging preferences as they desire. Subscribers to the former Nixle system: please be aware that if your contact information exists in the previous system, it will not be transferred into the new system. To register for an account or to sign up for alerts, click on the icon below or visit www.ecrecc.org/alerts to get started.


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